Contrails over Rachel, NV 6/14/04 #1

    Contrails over Rachel, NV 6/14/04 #2

               Hwy 318/375 Interchange
                           Highway 318 & 375 interchange

                          Highway 375
                                              Beginning of "ET" Highway
                                   ET Highway
                    Sign outside of Rachel, Nevada

                               Little Alien Inn

 The World Famous Lill' A'le' Inn  Rachel, Nevada

       Independance Day Time Capsule

     Independence Day Time Capsule
       ID4 Plaque
                 Plaque on ID4 Time Capsule

                         Groom Lake Road looking West towards Area 51 'Front Gate'
GLR Front Gate
Area 51 'Front Gate' signs..........."Use of Deadly Force Authorized".......!!!!!

                               Camo Dudes
               "Camo Dudes" EG&G Security force watches all entrances to Area 51
                    One Surveillance Camera on hill above 'Front Gate'

                  Camo Dudes Again
                              Camo Dudes coming down hill towards me as I was leaving 'Front Gate'

                                 Bald Mountain Radar site just East and North of Area 51

                  Groom Lake Road looking East going away from Area 51's 'Front Gate'

Sat View  
This photo from Dream Land 
             Satelite View of Base that does NOT exist!!!!!!!!!!!!!